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Questions of Israel

If you haven't noticed, the American Christian world has been buzzing with comments, proclamations, and warnings about Israel since October 7th. Some quote the Holy Scriptures, especially the prophet Ezekiel, some just pontificate based on new "visions" and "dreams."

When considering these things it is important to remember a major rule, dare I say The Rule, in interpreting times and seasons, and even the Word of God. This rule is that all things find the "yes" or fulfillment in Jesus (1 Cor. ). That is to say, all of the Old Testament and New Testament point to Jesus, the Son of God. If you are reading or interpreting God's Word without this rule guiding you, you are interpreting God's Word incorrectly. Furthermore, if you dismiss the Old Testament for any reason and seek to understand the New Testament without it, you will interpret the New Testament incorrectly. All of God's Word, from Genesis to Revelation, is held together in a single message of God's work in Christ Jesus to redeem and reconcile the World to Himself.

One of the great blessings we have in our Church is the resources God has given us to deepen our understanding of His Word and His work. Seminaries, universities, a publishing company, books old and new, and fantastic pastors all pointing to Christ and Him crucified. 500 years worth! Below are three such resources. They are current pastors and theologians teaching rightly the Word of God to answer questions that are swirling about the Church in our current times.

I encourage you to give each a listen, opening your own bibles and following along. They will be a blessing to you. (I also would encourage joining our Sunday morning class if you haven't. We happen to be studying these very texts from Romans)

God's Peace to you in Christ--Risen and Returning!

Pastor Terral

Rev. Chris Rosebrough -- Fighting for the Faith -- The true Israel and God's clear word about Israel

Rev. Tyrel Bramwell -- Who are Gog and Magog in Ezekiel's prophecy -- Ezk. 37-39

And lastly...

Rev. Dr. Adam Koontz -- History of Zionism and Christian Zionism

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