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Additional resources to help you and your family grow...


From the current news cycle to Bible study and book reviews, Issues, Etc. helps you think like a Lutheran. 

Sound Journalism, grounded in facts and Biblical truth.  A daily podcasts is provided, a magazine and website filled with news. 


A fun show for women hosted on KFUO covering many topics.

Have a favorite podcast or website you use to help you grow in your understanding of our Lord and his Word?  Let us know and we will share it!  


Listen to the Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler and guests as he proclaims the Good News each week. 


What is justification?  Why baptize infants? What is a pastor?  Who is in the Church?  Where is God present?  Sound Doctrine helps to answer these question and Concord Matters is the place to hear it. 

KFUO (One of the oldest Christian radio stations in the U.S.) offers all day programming for your edification.  Music, Bible studay, chapel services, Issues Etc, and more.  Tune in and listen all day. 

LPR offers Sacred music 24/7 plus a few extras. 

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