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When We Worship

Sunday Morning Divine Service



Each week, the people of Faith Lutheran Church gather together around God's Word.  We "read, mark, learn,  and inwardly digest it" during our Bible Studies at 9:00 a.m. then receive it, hear it and speak it through hymns, songs, timeless liturgy and preaching at 10:15 a.m.   We give thanks for and receive God's mercy, grace and forgiveness through His son Jesus Christ, and we grow together in Him who is our hope and peace.

Our worship service can be described as traditional because we follow Church worship practices that anchor us to Jesus' Church through the centuries.  We confess the same creeds and say many of the same prayers that the Church as spoken for over a millennium.  We speak the Psalms and sing hymns that have been spoken and song for a 1000 years.  This continuity in the liturgy brings peace and truth and hope because it connects us to God's Word of promise and assurance.  You hear it, speak it, see it, and sing it and so it (these promises of Jesus) plant themselves within your heart and mind. 

While we have a more traditional setting for our worship, we have a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere on Sunday mornings.  There is a lot of catching up  as our Faith family reconnects and updates one another on the week.  Many of our members have been together for three decades and have a great deal of shared experiences and wisdom.  Come in your boots and jeans and we will help you find the Way.  

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Bible Study Opportunities:

Sunday School 4 yrs-18 yrs - 9 am

Sunday Adult Class - 9 am

Wednesday Morning
Class - 9:30 am

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