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Substantive and Counterculture

Those are not my words but the words used by some to explain the unusual draw back to the orthodox Christian Church happening in America. I don't think this is a huge swing but I do think there is a trend. This is anecdotal; I have no empirical evidence. As anecdotal evidence here is a link to an article I came across this week from Rod Dreher, the title caught my attention. Dreher was at a pastor's conference sitting next to an LC-MS pastor discussing this trend. Give it a read. Why are young people, and maybe people of all ages, drifting back to the traditional? Why are you a member of this particular congregation? Could it be the timeless unchanging weight of what we believe, teach and confess drawn from God's Holy Word expressed in the Divine Service? Where else in life can you get something so beautiful and truthful and certain?

In addition to this I also heard a great podcast from the folks over at Issues Etc. Todd Wilken was interviewing a man named Lyman Stone who is a demographer interested in the LC-MS (perhaps because he is a member). It turns out we (the LC-MS) are not as divided as some would have us believe. I think that is great news! However, it turns out we are divided in some ways. He has discovered some very interesting things about our church and makes some very worrisome projections about our future. We have our work cut out for us, our children and our grandchildren.

Below is a link for Stone's report and the Issues Etc episode:

Issues Etc...

---God be with you---

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