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Communion is what?!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

As many of you know the ladies of the congregation meet every Wednesday morning to study God's Word. Our current topic has been worship and our liturgy -- what, where, how, why, and so on. Lately, we have been having some really great conversations about our communion practices, especially Closed Communion. I've got to say, I'm really thankful and have been blessed by our discussions. Really.

We have been discussing the historic practice of Closed Communion in the Church, where it came from in Scripture, why it has been the practice of the Church for 20 centuries, and why in the 20th century is it an issue for American (and Western) Christians.

I came across two resources from a pastor, one an essay, one a podcast. I encourage you all to look these over. Read and study carefully the article, then sit and listen to the audio recording one evening or morning as you eat. He is a great teacher, I enjoy listening to him teach.

I will admit, this is a hard teaching, but that doesn't mean it is not important or should be cast aside or that we know better, better than God, better than the saints before us. It should be a little peculiar to you, and questionable, that Christians are casting aside this Word and doctrine so easily today...what has changed? Not God's Word.

Here is the article:

Here is the audio recording which was recently on Lutheran Public Radio (KFUO):

May these be beneficial to you as we all learn to humbly follow our Good Shepherd's voice.

In Christ


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