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Advent and the Church Year

We have begun another year in the Church. The reason we have a Church "year" and seasons within that year is for instructional reasons. Like the banners, candles, stained glass, and decor within the church, the seasons of the year have purpose. Each season points to Jesus our Savior in some way. His coming, His death and resurrection, His work to build the Church through His Word and Spirit. It is all Christ-centered and was developed to keep our eyes fixed on the founder and perfecter of our faith. We have a Redeemer and we are to hear of the love of God in Him as often as we can.

Luther, as he is explaining the second article of the Apostle's Creed in his Large Catechism writes about this Christ centered, redeemer focused, teaching throughout the year. "But the proper place to explain all these different points is not in the brief children's sermon, but rather the longer sermons throughout the whole year, especially at the times appointed for dealing at length with such articles as Christ's birth, passion, resurrection, ascension, etc. Indeed, the entire gospel that we preach depends on the proper understanding of this article. Upon it all our salvation and blessedness are based, and it is so rich and broad that we can never learn it fully." ---Large Catechism, Second Article, paragraphs 32-33.

Below are two great radio shows I listen to often and recommend. Each spent some time discussing Advent--the what, why, and hows of it. Check them out while you are cooking, cleaning, walking, resting or working. You can also find both these podcast programs on your favorite podcast app on your phone.

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